Install an electric gate in the Columbus, Bexley, & Franklin County, OH areas

Electric gates provide all of the security of a traditional fence with the added convenience of automation. Instead of having to manually open your gate every time you enter, you can get an electric gate installation from Guardian Fence Co LLC. We'll set you up with a simple and reliable system in the Columbus, Bexley, & Franklin County, OH areas.

Your installation will include an easy-to-use keypad. You can give the password to as many people as you want, so the level of security is up to you. Contact us today to schedule an electric gate installation.

Get a gate for your residential or commercial property

Our electric gates are perfect for anyone who wants to restrict access to their property. Some places that could definitely benefit from an electric gate include:

Tow yards

Storage places

Salvage yards

Police departments

You'll feel much safter behind a sturdy gate. Call us now at 614-475-1322 to get a free installation estimate.